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Hidden Waterfalls, Secret Beaches, and More Journeys of the Soul

This story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. we hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.

No matter how stunning the place, it’s the journey that offers the most transformation. Whether climbing down to a hidden waterfall or swimming to a secret beach, Atlas Obscura’s “Journeys of the Soul” are all trips to watery wonders that show how exploration and curiosity can help heal the heart.

These five walks will take you farther than the destination…


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcarcorners

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

This weekend’s tag was #WHPcarcorners, which asked participants to capture the details of cars from a unique angle. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.

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